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Thank you for your interest in my upcoming litter and my breeding program.  I do thoughtful breedings in an attempt to produce a better English Springer Spaniel with every new generation. 

I do yearly eye exams, hip x-rays and research into pedigrees to minimize genetic problems on all breeding stock.  The majority of the puppies I bring into this world become family companions - including the one(s) I keep.  Breedings are planned with good temperament as the highest priority.  My own dogs are "house" dogs and family members first, and show dogs second.

I always plan to keep one (maybe two!) puppies from each litter.  I will be keeping the "best" show prospect puppy(ies) regardless of their color/sex and other show prospect puppies in the litter are available for other show breeders who have expressed an interest in this litter.  The remaining puppies will be available for placement in pet homes.  A determination of which puppies will stay is not made until the puppies are 8-12 weeks old, and after their first eye exams. 

I do require that all puppies placed as pets be spayed/neutered at the time your vet recommends.  Pet puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration (which is an AKC registration certificate that prohibits any puppies produced by that dog from being eligible for registration with the AKC).  I care so deeply about this breed, and don't want any puppies that I bring into this world to be used carelessly as income generators for their new owners. 

I try very hard to accommodate personal preferences for color/sex in those puppies placed as pets, but I am not able to guarantee that you'll be offered your choice.  It is more important for me to try and match a puppy's personality with it's new owner's lifestyle.  For instance, I would not place a puppy lacking in self confidence in a household with several boisterous, energetic young children even though that might be the puppy of your color/sex preference.  I accept deposits toward the purchase price of puppies when a pregnancy is confirmed, which is fully refundable if there is nothing in the litter for you.  The order in which deposits are received is given consideration when puppies are placed.

If you are interested in talking to me more about my upcoming litter, please either  email me or feel free to call me after 6:00PM on weekdays or during the weekend at 727-934-2296.  I would appreciate your response to the following questions when we talk:


1. Have you owned an English Springer Spaniel before?

2. What pets have you owned previously?

3. What attracted you to this breed?

4. What pets do you own now? Age and sex? Tell me about them.

5. How many people live in the household? Please list ages of children under 20.

6. Is someone home during the day?

7. How long would the puppy be left home alone?

8. Please supply names and phone number of 2 references. Your veterinarian and one other.

9. What are your expectations for this dog?

10. Have you attended a formal obedience classes before?

11. How will you exercise this dog?

12. What is your first choice of sex? Are you flexible?

13. Have you raised a puppy by the crate training method before?

14. Anything else you would like me to know?


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Kathie Milne



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